HHGS is the student union at the School of Business, Economics and Law. We live by the creed that together we shape our future. Being a student union means that what we do is regulated by Swedish law, namely monitoring the education at the school for all its students – members as well as non-members. However, monitoring the education is just one of very many things that the union does. HHGS is the mother-organisation of more than 30 associations, all of which organise several events during the year, ranging from inspirational lunch lectures to a full-blown musical. Furthermore, HHGS has three career-fairs during the year and owns 100% of seven companies that give meaningful work-experience to hundreds of members every year.

Graduate School Organization Graduate School Organization’s purpose is to make your master's years more fun and full of great experiences. For our newly admitted students, they strive in easing the transition into the academic and social life as you make Gothenburg your new home away from home. GSO is therefore in the midst of organizing a week and half filled with events and activities in August/September as we warmly welcome you. Due to the current situation of COVID-19 detailed information on events will be continuously updated. GSO is working towards providing not only online activities (e.g. Facebook/Instagram live and Zoom) but also off-campus* (e.g. barbeques, island trips) events and activities. Therefore, make sure to keep updated on all our Social Media platforms on Facebook and Instagram

Union companies

At HHGS we have our own corporate group, consisting of 8 companies owned through our holding company; HHGS Holding AB. Through our companies thousands of students have over the years gained valuable experience in management consulting, legal advisory and accounting, to name but a few of the fields HHGS Group engages in. With a yearly turnover of over 14 million swedish crowns and a couple of hundred employees the HHGS group is both a source of knowledge and revenue for the owners, ergo: You, as a member of The Student Union